At Developing People Group, our passion is helping you grow great people and build a great team. You may need a better process for hiring, a way to objectively determine what issues need attention first, a road map for developing your team, or tools to assess and improve your company culture. At the end of the day, our role is to help you be the hero of your organization’s success.

We Help You…

Make Better Hires

through assessments to match candidates with the best fit.

Develop Leaders

through a cutting edge assessment of their unique leadership styles and challenges along with personalized coaching tools.

Keep Employees Longer

with tools for selection, coaching and 360 degree feedback.

Measure Engagement

through a Culture Survey to see past your blindspots.

Improve Communication

by better understanding how your team communicates naturally.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

to recognize and respond to your own emotions, as well as the emotions and behaviors of those around you .


Whether you’re a CEO, Executive Director, business owner or an employee, your likelihood of success is far greater when you have the right tools to do your work. Developing People Group offers tools to assist companies and individuals in determining and maximizing their corporate, professional and personal goals.


About You

You’re a leader! Whatever your leadership position, you suspect that the organization could be better, hire better, communicate better, focus better, develop stronger leaders, or show more profit. Perhaps you feel that those around you could bring more passion to their work or be a more unified and effective team. You’ve probably thought about these things often. But, there are several obstacles in your way. First, you simply don’t have the time to address these issues because your days are spent working “in” the business leaving you with little time to work “on” the business. Even if you had the time to work “on” the business, you may not know where to start.

About us