The REACH Ecosystem

The REACH Ecosystem contains everything you need to positively impact your organization. Most likely, you have experienced the frustration of seeking solutions for personality surveys, teambuilding tools, culture surveys, training curriculum and coaching programs, only to find each solution based on its own unique framework. Time after time, these solutions offer just one piece of the puzzle. After each initiative, you are left wondering ‘what now?’ and ‘how does this relate to the solutions we’ve already implemented?’. The result: a well-intended but disjointed (and costly) effort to meet organizational development needs and little to show for it. A difference in the REACH Ecosystem is REACH Quotient (RQ). RQ is a score based on an integrated model, leveraging style-based measures (including facets of 4 distinct personality styles) and skill-based measures (based on 16 core competencies, or soft skills, associated with the personality styles). In simple terms, REACH Quotient measures a person’s ability to influence others.

Within the REACH Ecosystem

All of the resources below are included with unlimited use in a REACH Ecosystem Subscription or can be purchased individually through Developing People Group.


A More Productive Workplace Culture Is In Reach.

REACH Culture is the first survey of its kind to integrate both style-based and skill-based elements of organizational engagement into a single platform. Uniquely positioned within the REACH Ecosystem, REACH Culture brings clarity to the topic of employee engagement by sharing a common language with REACH Profiles and REACH 360. Such integration promotes more consistent measurement and quicker results, while eliminating the noise of ‘too many moving parts’ in traditional surveys. Click here to view a sample of the REACH Culture Survey.

Feedback To Gain Awareness & Resources To Grow

Without a solid leadership team, your company will tread water…staying afloat but constantly struggling. It is designed to help assess your leaders from multiple perspectives. A typical review comes from one angle, that of the supervisor. The REACH 360 incorporates 5 to 6 people to assess the leader’s strengths, growth opportunities and blind spots. They can include supervisors, clients, peers and trusted friends. The REACH 360 report includes an action plan to assist the leader in addressing their results for optimal growth. Click here to view a sample of the REACH 360.


Self Awareness, Feedback, And Resources for Growth

REACH Profiles are a toolbox of 9 different reports that provide powerful insights on many levels. They support a wide selection of specialized applications, including personal growth, team-building, leadership development, sales training and recruitment. Each report is fully integrated into the REACH Ecosytem. A participant need only take one online survey that typically takes 12-15 minutes to complete. After completed, any of these reports can be run without the participant retaking the survey. Click here to view a sample of the REACH Personal Style Profile, one of the 9 tools in the REACH Profiles toolbox.

A New Standard For Modern Workplace Learning

REACH Corporate Training is a ready-to-use courseware library including everything needed to deliver 32 high-impact courses. Leveraging evidence-based materials (content, activities and tools) that consistently receive the best feedback, adoption rates and impact, REACH Corporate Training promotes the most essential skills for today’s workplace. Click here to view a listing of courses by category.


Adding Value To The Coaching Process

The business coach-coachee relationship and journey is unique and personal. Until now, the resources provided to coaches have been limited to generic templated worksheets, frameworks and activities. This leaves coaches to either spend many hours preparing or being forced to create high value sessions on the fly.

The REACH Coaches Pack creates the first ready-to-use 12-month coaching programs tailored to each individual’s highest pay-off development opportunities. Click here to download a sample Coaches Pack.

Training Needs Analysis

Commonly, doing a Training Needs Analysis can be a long and complex process involving hundreds of performance appraisals – they can be major undertakings and take several months to complete. After the training needs analysis is done, the hunt for training solutions and providers begins, which is also very time consuming.

Using the REACH Ecosystem, all of those challenges go away. As you use the other tools in the system (REACH Profiles, 360’s and Culture Surveys), the Training Needs Analysis is conducted automatically and instantly, and they link directly to the training and coaching resources needed to take action. Use of any of the three tools mentioned above generates its own unique training needs analysis. Click here to view a sample analysis generated from taking the REACH Profile.